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“For Windsurfers, About Windsurfers, And Learning Windsurfing.” 


Windsurfing Instructors and Programs Association (WIPA) is a new North American windsurfing association whose mission statement is as follows:   

  • Support and develop USA windsurfing instructors and adult windsurfing program leadership for associations, groups, camps, and sailing centers that offer windsurfing.  

  • Provide multiple windsurfing instructor certification with 4 Levels and 7 Specialties and an assistant windsurfer instructor program. 

  • Create adult windsurfing leaders who can:

    • organize and create windsurfing programs on any lake, bay, beach, or at any sailing center

    • obtain gear and arrange for storage, repair and maintenance

    • set up a risk management plan and safety procedures

    • obtain insurance and acquire funding

    • be a recurring annual organizer of a good windsurfing program.   

    • demonstrate how to start a new small windsurfing instruction business.


Additional Features of WIPA: 

  • Tricktionary III is WIPA’s required manual, along other windsurfing materials.

  • There are 4 Levels and 7 Specialties of windsurfing performance and teaching certification, plus an assistant windsurfing instructor designation.  A checklist of maneuvers for each certification level is provided, and each certification level can be completed in 16 hours or 2 days.  A candidate must perform the maneuvers and teach instructor to instructor clinics about those maneuvers for each level of certification.   Candidates can bank successful maneuvers for each level on the way to completing certification for each level.  

  • Most of the top windsurfing instructors in the North America can administer the examination and certification for most of the levels (Levels 1-4) along with Specialties for each examiner.   Each examiner can set up a customized individual program, time and place, and pricing to meet the performance and teaching requirements for each Level/Specialty.  

  • There are no annual dues.  Donations to WIPA are essential and appreciated. 

  • US Windsurfing and US Sailing supports this effort.


Why form Windsurfing Instructors and Programs Association (WIPA)?

  • Fostering the development of windsurfing instructors will support the growth of windsurfing in the USA.. 

  • Windsurfers are 100% directly in control of their sport and its success.

  • Many windsurfers would like to learn how to teach others the sport they love.

  • Windsurfing instructor certification and development is currently limited.

  • There is no windsurfing leadership development program in the USA.      

  • US Windsurfing wholeheartedly endorses this program. 

  • The current USA windsurfing community should welcome this new avenue of opportunity for windsurfing instructors and program leadership.

  • A windsurfing/sailing center can send their instructors and leaders for development before their seasonal programs begin each year. 

  • WIPA instructor trainers can customize to needs, location, and the individual. 

  • WIPA’s goal is more expertise and consistency in the fundamentals of windsurfing.  

All good windsurfers should complete Levels 1 and 2 so they can help teach family and friends.   

  • Ned Crossley is leading this WIPA effort.  He is an ABK Instructor, US Windsurfing NE Director, and US Sailing Windsurfing Instructor Trainer.  Ned is also a Staff Educator for Professional Ski Instructors of America.  

  • Many of the top windsurfing instructors in the USA have expressed positive support and approval of this national effort.     

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