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Windsurfing Instructors and Programs Association (WIPA)

Certified Windsurfing Instructors

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No.      Name/Certified Level 1/Association/Home                                           


1          Sam Fanjoy/1/Triangle Boardsailing Club/Raleigh, NC           

2          JP Polubiec/1/NJWWA/Congers, NY

3           Sam Palczewski/1/Camp Fuller YMCA Camp/Wakefield, RI

4           Cormac Dickson/1/Port Washington YC/Ireland

5           Corey Santos/1/American YC/Guam

6           Pete Dunay/Ass't/American YC/Greenwich, CT

7           Mike Jameison/1*/@American YC/Sloatsburg, NY

8           Gil Cohen/1*/Shoreline Boathouse/Mountain View, CA

9           Antonia Evtimow/1*/Shoreline Boathouse/Mountain View, CA

10         Rick Martin/1*/@Hood River, OR/Hood River, OR 

11         Tom Sargent/1*/ Baltimore County Sailing Center/Brookville, MD

12          Daphne Lathouras/1*/Baltimore Area Boardsailing Association/Arlington, VA

13          Randy Kerr/1*/@Ocean Air/Vero Beach, FL

14          Mark Sarrasin/1*/North Beach*/Frederick, MD

15          Amanda Sun/1*/Shoreline Boathouse/Mountain View, CA

16          Bob Schoen/1*/ Chicago/Oxford, MI

17          Scott Lynch/1*/New Jersey Windsurfing & Watersports/Bound Brooke, NJ

18          Omar Lopez/1*/Shoreline Boathouse/Mountain View, CA

19          John Mathias/1/Lake Washington WS/Sacramento, CA

20           Marah Shiels/1*/American YC/Rumson, NJ

21           Jake Agoos/1*/Extreme Windsurfing/New York, NY

22            Brian Klauser/1*/Ocean Air Sports/Avon, NC

23            Ron Holzman/1*/DiverJH/Auburndale, FL

24            Coby Leyden/1/BABA/Arlington, VA

25            Ryan Buiso/1/Ocean Air Sports, Avon, NC

26            Bill van den Berg/1*/Baltimore Area Boardsailing Association/Howard, PA

27            Bruce Powers/1*/Windsurfing Enthusiasts of Tidewater/Norfolk, VA

28            Barbara West/1/Lake Washington Windsurfing/Sacramento, CA

29            Marcie Kennedy/1/Windsurfing Enthusiasts of Tidewater/Norfolk, VA

30            Yvette Pearson/1/Windsurfing Enthusiasts of Tidewater/Norfolk, VA

31            David Trumpoldt/1/Windsurfing Enthusiasts of Tidewater/Norfolk, VA

32            Nick Datyner/1/Windsurfing Enthusiasts of Tidewater/Norfolk, VA

33            Chris Coyne/1/Windsurfing Enthusiasts of Tidewater/Norfolk, VA

34            Chad Perkins/1/Windsurfing Enthusiasts of Tidewater/Norfolk, VA

35            Noah Lyons/1/Clearwater Community Sailing Center/ FL

36            Kirk Ward/1/Clearwater Community Sailing Center/ FL

37            Richard Seal/1/Clearwater Community Sailing Center/ FL

38            Christopher/1/Clearwater Community Sailing Center/ FL

39            Anna Vasta/1/Clearwater Community Sailing Center/FL

40            Gerard Mockler/1/Lake Washington WS/Sacramento, CA

41            Derek Kerstetter/1/Lake Washington WS/Sacramento, CA

42            Carlo Acosta/1/Community Boating Center/New Bedford, MA

43            Adilson DeBrito/1/Community Boating Center/New Bedford, MA

44            Jim DeSilva/1/Community Boating Center/New Bedford, MA

45            Richard Feeney/1/Community Boating Center/New Bedford, MA

46            Masada Monteiro/1/Community Boating Center/New Bedford, MA 

47            Josh Shirley/1/Windsurfing Utah/Saltlake City, UT

48            Walker Reid/1/American YC/Rye, NY

49             Colette Wicks/1/American YC/Rye, NY

50             Maddie Cook/1/American YC/Rye, NY

51             Ellie Cook/1/American YC/Rye, NY

52             Jaume Pujadas/1/American YC/Rye, NY

53             Ryan Ingram/1/American YC/Rye, NY

54             Delan Wicks/1/American YC/Rye, NY

55             Alex Curley/Ultimate Watersports/Middle River, MD

56             Martine Monette/1*/Ocean Air Sports/ Avon, NC

57             Ed Schaefer/1/ABK Boardsports/Waves, NC

58             Ed Schaefer, Jr./1/ABK Boardsports/Waves, NC

59             Jack Danz/1/Ocean Air Sports/Avon, NC

60             Robby Adams/1/Ocean Air Sports/Avon, NC

61             Darvil McBride/1*/Calema Windsurfing/Merritt Island, FL

62             Drew Schoudel/1/H2 Windsurfing/Seaside Hts., NJ

63             Milanka Karmolinski/1/Ocean Air Sports/Avon, NC

64             Ted Zhang/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA

65             Julian Weisner/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA

66              Peter Mui/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA

67              Ross McKegnaey/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA

68              Jesse Homchand/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA 

69              Gene Golfus/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA

70              Peter Sinka/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA

71              Zsofia Gutvill/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA

72              Randi Shapiro/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA

73              Christine Page/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA

74              Tony To/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA

75              Nelz Carpentier/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA

76              Tinne Alerts/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA

77              Barbara Ross/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA

78              Lawrence Jeong/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA

79              Ross Davies/1/Shoreline Boathouse/Mountain View, CA

80              John Quinn/1/WET/Ft Monroe, VA

81              Javier Garriz/1/WET/Ft Monroe, VA

82              Craig Vacha/1/WET/Ft Monroe, VA

83              Lane Kilduff/1/WET/Ft Monroe, VA

84              Curt Lanyi/1/Cal Sailing Club/Berkeley, CA

85              Barry Bross/1*/Mission Bay Aquatics Center, CA


WIPA grants WIPA Level 1 to US Sailing Level I Windsurfing Instructors.   Instructor must subscribe and show proof of purchase of Tricktionary 3 to qualify.  


No.      Name/Certified Level 2/Association/Home 

1          Sam Fanjoy/2 /Triangle Boardsailing Club/Raleigh, NC 

2          Tom Sargent/2 / Baltimore County Sailing Center/Brookville, MD


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