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Thanks to PSIA-AASI for the Student-Centered Models

WIPA Student Centered Model 2019 -An Instructor Will Need Three Skills Below to be Successful. 


WIPA People Skills: 


  • Develop relationships based upon trust.

  • Engage in meaningful two-way communication

  • Identify, understand, and manage your emotions and actions.

  • Recognize and influence the behaviors, motivations, and emotions of others. 


Note:  People skills are separate from teaching Windsurfing.  The above is person to person or instructor to guest skills outside of the windsurfing learning experience.   Whereas, teaching windsurfing skills involve the teacher/student/windsurfing activities process.  


WIPA Teaching Skills: 

  • Create the windsurfing environment that promotes exploration, experimentation, and play while pursuing desired outcomes.

  • Collaborate on short-term windsurfing objectives and long-term windsurfing goals.

  • Facilitate the learner’s ability to recognize, reflect upon, and assess windsurfing experiences and sensations.

  • Manage the windsurfing conditions, gear, pacing, information, and activities.

  • Manage emotional and physical risk within the windsurfing environment. 



WIPA Technical Skills: 

  • Windsurfing Fundamentals – See List of 27 Fundamentals

  • Understand/Apply Technical Concepts

  • Movement Analysis:  Observe, Evaluate, Prescribe. 

Great teachers have these two common qualities:  they share and care!

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