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Andy Brandt

Angela Rhodes

Barton Decker

Britt Viehman

Chad Perkins- 1& 2

Charles Dasher

Chris Eldridge

Christopher Augustus

Clayton Seward

Cody Stewart

Dan Oliver 1

Dave Gadarian

Derek Rijff

Ed DeHart

Eddy Patricelli

Eileen Hoff

Eric Skilbred

Farrah Hall

Greg Mejlaender- 1

Hal Ashman- 1

Jason Voss

Jens Baur

Jimmy Diaz

Jonathan Erberle

Karen Marriott

Ken Ahrendt

Ken Hoff

Matt Hess

Matt Pritchard

Max Robinson

Meredith Robert

Mike Burns

Mike Compton 1&2

Ned Crossley

Pete DeKay

Peter Richterich

Petra Kanz

Olivier Jallais

Randy Rhodes

Simon Ricard 

Skip Gonsalves

Tom Lepak

Tyson Poor

Wyatt Miller

Here are WIPA’s “best of the best” windsurfing instructors who can teach and certify to the standard and level desired.  Contact them directly to schedule a course and to set the fees, times, place, conditions, etc.  Every windsurfer needs the fundamentals and Levels 1-4 are very desired.   Whether you teach friend to friend, club, association, program, or school as an amateur, semi- pro, or professional, we all need WIPA help.  Make an investment into better windsurfing so you can self-coach yourself and teach others better. 



  • Each WIPA Instructor Trainer/Examiner (ITEX) must have their own liability insurance and release of liability forms to conduct a certification of a candidate.       

  • WIPA will designate an initial list of windsurfing professionals to act as ITEX’s.      

  • All exams and courses require the Instructor Trainer to set their own fees.   When the WIPA Certification Chairman receives candidate information and approval from the ITEX (name, address, cell phone, level, date of completion), then WIPA will email certification cards and certificates to successful candidates.             

  • A process for development of ITEX 's will evolve as WIPA continues to grow.

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