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WIPA Certification Levels and Specialties - Please click buttons below for full certification guide and individual certifications.   Additional PDF's are also attached.  


If you want to schedule a certification or course, contact the Instructor Trainer/Examiner (ITEX) of your choice.  Schedule your goals, objectives, dates, times, places, and costs with the ITEX.  ITEX's are listed on Certified Staff Page.  

Each candidate must perform the maneuvers for each Level or Specialty in appropriate conditions.   

Each candidate must teach instructor to instructor clinics on land and water on those maneuvers at that Level or Specialty to successfully pass. 


1   Beginning Non-Planing Windsurfing Instructor 

2   Intermediate Non-Planing Windsurfing Instructor 

3   Planing and Waterstart Instructor

4   Planing Fast Tack and Carving Step Jibe  Instructor

Specialist:   Advanced Non-Planing Wind Windsurfing Instructor (ANP)

Specialist:   Advanced Planing Instructor (AP)

Specialist:   Basic Race Instructor(BR)

Specialist:   Intermediate - Advanced Race Instructor (AR)

Specialist:   Jumping Freestyle Instructor (JF) 

Specialist:   Basic Wave Instructor (BW)

Specialist:   Foiling Instructor (F) 

*Assistant Windsurfing Instructor - For those who can do most but not all the Level 1 requirements.  The candidate needs further development that the two-day examiner cannot provide.    


Instructor Certification Information

  • A candidate must register on the this website. 

  • TRICKTIONARY III in English is the WIPA's required manual.

  • There are 11 specific areas of windsurfing performance and teaching certification plus an assistant windsurfing instructor designation.  A list of maneuvers for each specific area is provided below and can be completed in 2 days.  A candidate must perform the maneuvers and teach instructor to instructor clinics on land and water about those maneuvers in each Area of Certification.   Candidates can bank successful maneuvers on each level on the way to completed certification for each level.  

  • Most of the top windsurfing instructors in the USA can administer the examination and certification for most of the levels (Levels 1-4) along with specialties for each examiner.   Each examiner can set up a customized program, time and place, and pricing to meet the performance and teaching requirements for each level and individual. 

  • All courses are equivalent to two full eight (8) hour days or sixteen (16) hour events.   Examiner and candidates can arrange customized times to seek the required conditions for the level.   All courses can be either an exam or a prep clinic for an exam.       

  • Candidates need to be able to swim and be comfortable in over the head water.  PFD's are optional as per candidate’s option and IT's guidance.    

  • CPR and First Aid are only recommended and are not part of the certification process.          

  • Certification means that you can perform the maneuvers and can teach related progressions on land and water to others.  First, candidates show the maneuvers for each level of certification.  Then the candidates show how to teach those maneuvers both via land simulation and on the water drills.      

  • All ITEX to candidate ratios will be between 1:1 as a minimum and 6:1 as a maximum.

  • WIPA will use parts of the best windsurfing teaching systems in the world. In time, a simple, one page, description and a short video of all test maneuvers will be placed on the WIPA Website if not in Tricktionary III.

  • Candidates must sign liability waivers with each Instructor Trainer Examiner (ITEX) under their insured instructional program/school.

  • Assistant Non-Planing Windsurfing Instructor is a two-day course with no exam in light to pesky winds covering the same maneuvers as Level 1.  Candidates are emailed a course completion certificate.  An Assistant Non-Planing Instructor should work under a certified instructor.

  • Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 are to be completed first.  Then the other levels can be taken in any order.  One exception would be Level 7 Basic Race may be taken after Level 2 is completed.

Details of WIPA Certification - click buttons

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